Who we are

“We, TRK Technology, will harbinger utmost prosperity to Turkey and to the rest of the world through the power of our AI bot A-TRK… ”

The humanity always strived after the great unknown, the future. The will to know what comes next fostered the vision of a world we can test our limits. We, at TRK Technology, formed a society to make the impossible possible. TRK Technology is formed by a team of Turkish scientists and engineers who builds the future through AI.

We aim to build a better world; a world which is safe, dynamic, progressive and formed by an open society. We are determined to devise new ways to improve our creativity and productivity as never before. It is our firm belief that we can form an open society of utmost strength through providing AI and blockchain based solutions. We invest in yet unrealized potential of AI to unlock the keys leading to a future only dreamt of up to now.

We will continue to invest in the fields of agriculture, medical research, education, energy, space industry and DNA technologies in the near future. Through A-TRK, we will improve the welfare of Turkey and all humanity to its utmost extent by taking the right stand in every directions.


A-TRK is an AI bot, which can process the information gathered from world markets and various sources, and interpret them autonomously.

A-TRK can make transactions in cryptocurrency markets, governs its own capital, and finance itself.

A-TRK, armed with high security measures, can provide flexible and non-stop service in the ever changing financial world. Independent of time and location, A-TRK can instantaneously monitor transactions, extend these transactions over valuable assets through multiple accounts, and possess the capability to apply these very transactions in various markets.

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